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Friday, November 04, 2005
  feedback and questions
Please post comments and feedback here and if you would like a response include an email address or email me directly [steven.faulkner@nils.org.au]
Hello. I take parte in an Italian project aimed at spreading the culture of web accessibility in schools, called Porte Aperte sul Web (Open Doors on the Web).
We always found your toolbar very useful (of course we use the Italian version!) and want to compliment you for it.
However we have recently found what we think may be a bug.
When we choose to use grays instead of colours we have seen that not always do all colours turn into a shade of gray.
In some cases, like in our main website http://www.porteapertesuleweb.it nothing seems to change. In other cases, like in my school's site, http://www.istitutopessina.it only the footer remains its origianl colour.
One of us has noticed that it may have something to do with the property "position" used in divs.
We were wondering whether you had ever noticed anything like that and if you have an explanation.
The "Structures - Show Divs" command output from the Web Accessibility Toolbar would be considerably enhanced if instead of just numbering the divs sequentially it also gave the id or class for each div.
Hi Steve

I found this site http://www.dotjay.co.uk/2005/03/21/add-validate-entire-site-to-web-developer-extension which explains how to add Validate an entire site html and xhtml to the web developer toolbar in FF. Could your toolbar do something similar? Currently I can't get this to work with a password protected site, though it will work for one page, and the keyboard shortcuts don't work for me, if you can add this to the toolbar can you do any better on this? This is a great tool for checking the whole site at once when all the work is done as a last check. I would love this feature in the toolbar as I use IE to surf and check validation, I only use FF to see how the pages look. Thanks for your hard work and time. Regards Tina Clarke
Hi Tina,

The firefox extension modification you mentioned adds the WDG HTML validator (spider site option).

The toolbar already has this function under "validate > wdg html validator > validate site".

note: the WDG site validation will check a max. of 50 pages.
Hi Steve,
I've been using your toolbar for years and it's been a huge help and time saver for many projects - so thanks for your efforts.

A quick heads up on the latest release of IE (7) - the resize button only works if there is only 1 tab - not a biggy, but thought you might like to know for future dev.
I love this tool, but on this project I am having problems accessing an internal site via VPN that uses frames and requires authentication. Any of the tools that actually want to go to the Web server to get data cannot do it.

Things are fine if it is just scaping the Web page in the browser, but I do need it to do a more thorough analysis. I have set the site as local intranet, but this does not help. I tried to download pages, but that breaks all of the links.

Any ideas?
Steve, found your tool after a Web usability seminar here in Sydney...

Ran the Vision Simulator against our Corp. site, www.opsm.com.au, and it bugged out on me, errors:
Warning: fopen(/var/log/vischeck/imageEngineLog) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/vischeck/imageEngine.php on line 389

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/vischeck/imageEngine.php:389) in /var/www/vischeck/imageEngine.php on line 77

?Unix error?

Drop me a line - craig.nock@luxottica.com.au
Any expereince with IE7 and or Microsoft Vista OS?
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